The Client’s Challenge:

A business lacked the leaders needed to expand with its rapidly growing market.  80% of successors for key leader positions were constantly dropping off the HIPO and succession lists. Senior management could not agree on who had the strongest potential for filling key jobs.


What We Did:

We created a clear profile of the leadership skills needed for the business’ future success and created criteria that helped top management differentiate for GM/C-Suite capabilities vs general potential. I addition we crafted development plans featuring on-the-job assignments that provided ongoing growth for each candidate. Going forward 75% of pipeline candidate were performing and advancing successfully.

The Client’s Challenge:

Team of managers in conflict.  A difficult reorganization which merged formerly independent, global divisions created friction between three key executives. Their performance was suffering and it was leading to poor morale in the whole organization

What We Did:

We did 360 assessments and interviews with the executives. We identified leadership styles, personal motives of the members, where there were combined strengths, how to leverage them as well as how to leverage the natural differences that were causing friction.  In the process we identified ways the executive who managed the team could work more effectively to address conflicting on goals, priorities and competition over the budget within the team.