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We offer a wide range of organizational and executive development solutions. We combine our services to create a total solution that fits your specific needs.

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    Executive Coaching

    When critical high performing employees derail the impact on a business can be devastating.  High performing employees can derail for a variety of reasons and the path back to effectiveness can be challenging. We work one-on-one to identify the reasons performance is dropping off including strengths that may not be leveraged correclty and weaknesses/blind spots undermine effectiveness. We work intensively with the person to implement pragmatic, high impact actions to regain his/her high level of effectiveness. 

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    Assessing Leaders for Hiring, Development & Succession Decisions

    Mistakes in finding or promoting the talent with the right skills and fit for an organization can cost thousands of dollars and can damage the performance of the organization.

    Typical interviews often fail to uncover deeper insights regarding a leader’s capabilities and potential.   We use a variety of industry-tested tools to improve insights that impact performance and organizational fit.

    • What motivates them
    • Their leadership and work styles
    • How those styles mesh with other styles on the team
    • The types of environments in which they thrive and one in which they do not
    • How adaptable and resilient they are under pressure.

    Armed with more comprehensive insights you can make better decisions about:

    • Hiring – Deeper insights into the skills and perspective the leader brings to your company and how to leverage them to the fullest
    • Succession – How ready is the leader for more senior, complex and challenging responsibilities? How to get them ready more quickly.
    • Performance Management – How to manage, motivate and develop the leader to be a peak performer
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    Team Effectiveness

    We help new or existing teams to gain higher levels of focus, collaboration and performance.  We assess individual and collective strengths, diagnose conflicts and barriers within the team.  Then we work with the team to gain hyper focus on shared goals and ways to leverage their collective skills to achieve those goals.

    Our process can be used for good teams you want to make stronger or stuggling teams who need help in refocusing themselves.

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    Leadership Talent/Business Strategy Alignment Audit

    Does your Leadership Talent and succession pipeline strategy align with your business strategy?  We help you define or update the attributes and capabilities the leaders in your organization must demonstrate in order to drive exceptional performance in today’s competitive environment.   We work with you to assess the degree to which your team possesses the necessary capabilities and how to close the gaps.

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    Accelerated Leader Onboarding & Transition Coaching

    Typically it takes new leaders up to a year to assess their new situation, their team and fully establish their agenda for driving performance.  We provide a process by which leaders shorten this learning curve dramatically.  So their vision and contributions reach full potential in as little as 90-120 days.

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    High Impact, Unforgettable Leadership Experiences and Presentations

    Need an exciting opening for a major meeting or a group activity that will make your next sales or management event unforgettable?  We can add an energizing activity that your team will talk about a long time.  We use interactive team experiences such as live musical improvisation or team problem solving activities to help teams bond in unique ways that that leave a lasting impact.  Try our UPTEMPO! Experience that uses musical improvisation and other techniques to rekindle innovation, collaboration and flexible thinking needed in today’s fast changing environment, and in a fun, high energy way!


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