Executive Coaching

High performers derail for a variety of reasons. We work one-on-one to identify the reasons performance is dropping off and identify the unique strengths that when leveraged correctly are a key source of that leader’s success. We work intensively together to implement actions that help the client to regain his/her high level of effectiveness. Depending on the complexity of the situation we typically work on a 30, 60 or 120-day process.

Assessing Leaders for Hiring, Development and Succession Decisions

Making the right choice of a leader who has strongest leadership skills, is a fit for the organization’s culture, and has potential to grow is a critical decision.  Mistakes can cost thousands of dollars to replace a bad hire/promotion and can damage the performance of the organization.

Typical interview-only approaches fail to get to the deeper insights that provide a fuller picture of a leader’s capabilities and potential.   We use a variety on industry-tested tools to improve insights into  what motivates them, their leadership and work styles, the types of environments where they thrive and where they do not, how adaptable and resilient  they are under pressure, etc.  Armed with more comprehensive insights you can make better decision about:

  • Hiring – What the leader brings to your company and how to leverage it
  • Succession – How ready is the leader for more senior, challenging and complex duties? How to get them ready quickly.
  • Development – How to manage and develop the leader to be a peak performer
Team Effectiveness

We help new or struggling teams gain high levels of collaboration and focus. We assess individual and collective strengths, diagnose conflicts and barriers, then we work with the team to leverage their collective skills they need as a high performing team.

High Potential Assessment and Accelerated Readiness

Determining who are true the high potentials among rising managers, developing and retaining them is hard to do. And if done wrong can hold back your organization’s current performance and future growth. We assess a leader’s capacity to handle larger, critical roles. We then help the cline and his/her manager execute a plan to get the high potential ready for those responsibilities on an accelerated basis.

Rapid New Leader Onboarding and Transitions

Typically it takes new leaders up to a year to assess his/her situation, their team and fully establish their agenda for the new team. We provide a process by which leaders engage their new teams in a way that helps them assess the organization and establish a clear working agenda with their teams in the first 90-120 days.

Leadership Keynotes, Events and Activities

Need an exciting keynote or group activity your next sales or management event? We can add an energizing activity that your team will talk about a long time.


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