Our Approach

  • Discover & Uncover

    We use state-of-the-art assessment and  diagnostic tools to help uncover hidden information that allows you to frame your challenge from different perspectives.  Whether the challenge is for an individual leader, a team or a broader organization, we help you develop the fullest picture of the situation.

  • Clarify & Focus

    Armed with this information we help you identify the ideal outcomes/changes you want to see and the  determine the root issues that need to be addresses in order to succeed.

  • Develop Options & Make Choices

    Together we identify options and pragmatic actions that will reach your goal.  We help you concentrate on actions that best leverage your strengths and available resources.

  • Take Action

    We provide hands-on coaching as you implement your plan.  We support you on a weekly basis as needed to help assure you get results.

  • Measure Results

    We identify success metrics in the beginning of the process and measure progress throughout.

Among the tools we use to assess leaders and their organizations are: