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He’s Not a “Fit for Our Culture”

“He is just not a fit for our culture.” How often do we promote or hire the “best and brightest” person only to have them flame out in a matter of months? The simple reason is that we misunderstand “fit” and therefore set them up to fail.

They just won’t listen to me…

Why is it so hard to get others to listen so you can persuade them to cooperate? Maybe it is because WE need to listen more and try to persuade less.

Leadership Gap Across The Board – Lessons From Donald Sterling

Enough has been said about Donald Sterling already. The real story for me is the widespread lapse of strong leadership within key organizations surrounding the Sterling controversy.

Chief Executive Article on Executive Fit

CMOs are often hired to lead the company to new heights through marketing, but rarely is their role well-defined. CEOs can and should help.

Having a Bad Day can be Good for You

We as leaders have all had one of those days when someone knocks on the door (or calls) and you hear the words – “I have a problem.” For the rest of the day (and maybe more) this problem lurks in your thoughts and might wreak havoc with your plans for the day as you struggle to unravel and solve it. However, a bad day can also be an opportunity to clarify many things.